Company Update – 11th Apr 2018

Hello everyone,

We want to thank all of you for your patience through this process. Over the past year, TAP has witnessed a huge change in the advertising market. All our business advisors and professionals, along with ourselves, have quite frankly been astounded at how much the sudden popularity of the crypto world has directly affected us. It is because of this massive shift that ourselves and GPN have mutually determined that our two business models are no longer compatible.

Per our merchant agreement with GPN, funds will be held in a holding account for a period of 6 months. This is due to risks associated with said funds and is a common practice in the world of processors such as GPN. Exactly how and when we intend to distribute said funds will be announced shortly. GPN is no longer engaged in TAP payouts and/or settlements.

We want to ensure all of you that no one will lose any money for having participated in our advertising business. Of course, we wish the situation was different but its very difficult to predict market changes and sometimes you must roll with the punches.

Our BTC mining products continue unchanged and unaffected.

Please stay tuned for payout schedules.

TAP Corporate Team.